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Archive Gizmo Description

Posted by on in Gizmos
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Every time we set out to design and build a new Gizmo, may it be based on a member's wish or our own idea, we go through many stages when documenting all work that has been done. Descriptions, documentations, source files, images, videos and many other types of data are uploaded and shared through out our site. Some times it becomes hard to track down everything related to a particular gizmo, especially if you are new to our website and just didn't yet get the hang of it. For this and many other reasons we have created this section, where you can see in a glance what we have done in the past and find links as well as any other relevant information with ease.


OSRC - Open Source Remote Control

A Gizmo For You crown jewel. After more than half a year of development, debugging and R&D we created an astonishing device for controlling almost anything relater to RC. A Truly unique system that has been designed from ground up to cover both hobby as well as professional fields. With the help of key features such as RF Cloud communications, modular design and actuated gimbals, OSRC is truly an engineering marvel and the Gizmo For You Flagship.

Additional Information

- Videos - OSRC YouTube Channel  


This gizmo was our first attempt for creating an Open Source Linux based PDA. We used a simple yet quite effective mechanical design with only two enclosure parts which also used their structure for buttons and other functions. This Gizmo has gone through 2 revisions since then and is currently at version G1.55 Although the initial design is quite slick and has a small footprint, we have decided in future designs to use a larger enclosure so that additional components as well as features could be applied.

Additional Information

- Videos - Our YouTube Channel - Assembly Instructions
- Hardware Description

FLOW G1.55

This gizmo became the continuation of our FLOW project. Since the initial design, we have included many new features as well as updates. G1.55 currently supports Android 2.2 which we have integrated with the new hardware that was designed for the device. Many new accessories were added to this revision of the device, making it ideal for embedded prototyping and development.

Additional Information

- Videos - Our YouTube Channel - Features & Differences
- Hardware Description

Ares - Gaming Platform

Ares was born as a wish in our Forum from one of our members. Embedded gaming on an Open Source platform was they key aspect for this gizmo. Although the controls on this gizmo are not similar to other well known platforms, still this device opened up a new door for us for creating games without limitation and based on already available Open Source packages.

Additional Information

- Videos - Our YouTube Channel - Detailed Description

giZZle - Educational Electronic Kit

We have seen many kits that try to educate and explain electronics to those who want to learn everything about it. Most kits and assemblies require soldering or other complex procedures for creating a final circuit. giZZle is an idea we came up with for creating electronic circuits without the need of soldering or any other procedure. Every piece is engineered after the puzzle like design where everything comes together and is being held by the part it self. Besides circuits, gizzle can also be uses as a supporting structure for more complex designs such as robots or even flying vehicles.

Additional Information

- Videos - Our YouTube Channel  

Camera Trigger

Based on yet another wish from our community, we have created this gizmo for those who want to trigger their professional or any other camera with a vast collection of sensors, timing parameters or even sound. With the help of the graphical display and a quite simple menu we have developed, creating all sort of scenarios is quite simple. the design of the gizmo is well thought of when it comes to outdoor use as the enclosure it self is watertight along with the buttons and even the USB port.

Additional Information

- Videos - Our YouTube Channel - Detailed Gizmo Description
- Software User Guide

WiFi Linux Wall Plug

One of our members had a wish for a device that would operate on Linux and have Cameras, WiFi, microphones as well as other hardware for a home automation project. After a description of what he had in mind we designed the WiFi Linux wall Plug. There are many applications for the device and since it is using the Gumstix Overo line of platforms, there are already many libraries as well as support in the community.

Additional Information

- Detailed Hardware Description  


Almost all GPS trackers these days are based on a GSM technology which requires a data active SIM card and a cellular account in order to be able and track something. Sometimes this can get quite costly and unnecessary. Based on this idea we created a device which operates through RF and does not require additional subscriptions or hardware. The range for iSeeYou although not very large, still very effective if you want to find something that got lost not far from you. The gizmo has an On-Board graphical display which shows the location of the item being tracked if it is in range as well as updates the screen based on GPS and Compass data that are included.

Additional Information

- Detailed Description - Detailed Software Description

Tracker v1

This gizmo was created just for the fun of it. There are many GPS trackers out there these days so we though it would be nice to create an Open Source version. We have put allot of effort into the software of the device and it almost in all aspects doesn't have anything different from any other commercial tracker. We managed to fit everything into a nice enclosure so the device is quite compact and very easy to use.

Additional Information

- Detailed Software Description  

Daughter VX 1.0

Before we created FLOW and it's derivatives we had this Gizmo. The device was created for industrial embedded development. Everything is nicely fitted inside a rigid and industrial enclosure. The GPS, GSM as well as other features were all created inside a comfortable zone of the pcb, without the need for complex and tight configuration.

Additional Information

- Detailed Description - Detailed Hardware Description

Servo Override - 2 Channel

This simple gizmo was requested from the RC community. A simple yet practical board that would switch between servo input signals while in flight for security and reliability. In general this gizmo can be used for any application where you need to switch from one servo channel to another from a single switch.

Additional Information

- Detailed Hardware Description  

USB Sensor Reader

One of our members has wished for a board that would be able to read sensor values through many known protocols like I2C, SPI, PWM, Analog and others. After reading, the data is displayed in the terminal through USB. Currently there are already many supported sensors in our latest firmware but additional updates are always made since the project is Open Source and from time to time someone always contributes to it's development.

Additional Information

- Detailed Software Description - Detailed Hardware Description

High Speed Quadrature Decoder

One of the wishes that was requested by a members, was to create a high speed quadrature decoder. That is exactly what we did and currently it is available for everyone to use. The board is quite simple and self explanatory but if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Additional Information

- Detailed Hardware Description  

Most recent projects are mentioned in our Front Page News.


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