News 3D Printer Ilios Ray

by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

I am happy to announce the new 3D printer called Ilios Ray. Based on the feedback from current Ilios users as well as thinking completely outside the box, the 3D printer has been completely redesigned and fitted with features any other 3D printer would only dream about :)

The main idea behind Ilios Ray was to create a completely automated 3D printing experience where the resin is filled automatically, mixed with the pigments of your choice to create any color needed and after the build is done, remove the model automatically while Post-Curing it. All this is done inside the Slim body of the machine which can expand and collapse. The Ilios Ray 3D printer can clean it self through its liquid distribution system as well as fill up its cartridges with new resin or other chemical.

In essence the machine is a completely automated 3D printing laboratory, slimmer than any other 3D printer and yet can produce models within a very large build volume of 297 x 211 x 300mm, which is equivalent of an A4 x A4 paper size.

For more information about Ilios Ray, please visit the Ilios 3D Printer website and check out the Detailed description for the machine.

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