Official OSRC publication

by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

After more than 6 months of development and secrecy, we can finally break our oath of silence and reveal the most advance piece of equipment ever built, OSRC - Open Source Remote Control system. We have been working hard and waiting for the day to release this magnificent device from day one, with its large set of features as well as accessories.

Apart from GizmoForYou, many organizations working with the same mind set of Open Source design, joined the project development, as well as planning and consultation aspects. With vital support from Vios GmbH, an organization based in Switzerland, we were able to bring the initial ideas to life as well as take the time and acquire the means, necessary for the project development. Another great organization worth mentioning is Interactive Matter, which contributed greatly in planning the crucial steps of product involvement in the Open Source community as well as consultation on marketing and other aspects related to OSRC.

Due to the large scope of the project and the constant need for development as well as support, we have gone to large lengths and created a completely new and unique environment for OSRC to develop and grow. A team, dedicated completely to OSRC has been formed with new members as well as existing GizmoForYou employees, who joined the project with great enthusiasm and prospects for the future.

With members who have been RC (Remote Control) lovers as well as professionals in fields such as Photography, Motion Pictures, Robotics and others, we have created features that would amaze every Remote Control operator.

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