by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

After it was announced that OSRC shall be entering the Hack A Day contest, there weren't any updates, so i thought of posting some news to summarize what has been happening in the OSRC world :) I am happy to say that OSRC has been selected among other 49 projects in the Semifinal round, out of 800 projects in total. This was really good news, especially since my birthday was on the 29th of August, so i couldn't of asked for a better present. The Finalists shall be announced on the 28th of September so i am trying to obey the rules of the contest and post all that is required.

Although the contest it self has many requirements related to those who are just starting their project, with things like describing the concept, doing a sketch for the prototype and other data, i do try and re-post everything as it is needed since OSRC has been in development for quite some time.

One of the requirements for the Finalist round was to create a small video describing the project and in less than 2 minutes introduce its functionality. Was pretty hard to cram it all up in just 2 minutes but i did a small video as requested.

Was a bit silly since i posted so many detailed videos in the past but wanted to stay within the requirements. The judging is made by a team of individuals selected for the contest and if anyone is interested you can check out their profiles on the Hackaday website.

Another requirement was to make an "Artist Rendition" for the project. I am not much of an artist but the idea (i think) was to present a concept of the project as it would look like when finished. Since OSRC is already a working product i think the requirement was mostly symbolic and although i am not much of an artist i doodled a small sketch with a pencil.

The project has bee around for so long and so much information has been posted already that some of these requirements are a bit silly but nevertheless i shall try and respect the rules just like everyone else and perhaps win the contest. If anyone is interested in the progress of the project in the Hack A Day contest, i recommend keeping an eye on the project website on where i post all these details.

Unfortunately the pre-order that was being held for OSRC did not raise the required amount of funds to start the production so right now, the only hope for OSRC to be ever developed is only the HackaDay prize. Although i did mention many times that even though OSRC, when produced in reasonable quantity and its modular abilities, would be very affordable to any user, to make the amount of units listed in the pre-order (at least 50 units) i couldn't of made it any cheaper. Hopefully with the help from the Hack A Day winnings the project does become a reality.

I also removed the "Donation" section of the site since i see no reason in receiving donations unless the needed amount for the production is found and the donations that were received, were too small to affect the overall progress, so it just didn't feel right to have that option on the site anymore.

As far as the Ilios 3D Printer goes, it is the main income i have right now so i shall be making these machines for as long as they are needed since so many people seem to want them. As always i am available for any support, questions and info if anyone is interested in the 3D printer.

I truly hope that the Hack A Day judging team finds my project interesting and innovative enough for it to win as i truly believe that if done properly and with the required funding, it could be a unique and modern system for current and many future developments.

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