The OSRC project is terminated

by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

The OSRC project was created almost 4 years ago and my intent was to create a control platform which would help all remote control users in many different fields. Trying to keep the project alive, especially during the economic state the world is in right now has not been easy and at times seemed impossible. My last hope for project funding was the Hack A Day contest, which unfortunately did not choose OSRC among the winners. Based on these news and lack of any funding, i am shutting down the project and any files related to it.

In the upcoming months i shall be restructuring the website and its content to reflect the Ilios 3D printer, on which i shall be concentrating as the project for current and future development since it was the only thing that kept me going and paid the bills. It is ironic that the project which was meant to help in creating OSRC shall be the one left standing at the end and not the project it was meant for.

Ilios became quite popular and provided help for many users over the span of time it was released. Since it is quite rewording to see people use Ilios and help them in their own projects, i shall be concentrating completely on Ilios and work on personal projects in the future privately as i have many goals and ideas still to create and develop.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who supported me and the OSRC project as it was an important factor in its life and development, however due to lack of funding and the complex as well as advanced nature of the project i cannot keep supporting it, thus am terminating it. All future posts, content and files shall be concentrated on Ilios and its users as the website is being remade to reflect the project.

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